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Announcement for COAFSMART Team Member Positions in Non-formal education

IT, Programming, Robotics, Arts (Including Music and Dance), Health, Chess

Village Debet, Lori Region


The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) seeks to recruit a pool of professionals for potential employment at its SMART Center (SC). Potential candidates meeting the criteria included in this announcement will be screened and invited for interviews. Those who are considered eligible will be then involved in training and internships that will finalize the selection and recruitment process.

Key areas/positions for which candidates are recruited for include:

Room/Program Coordinators:

These are the key acting people in SMART teaching, full-time working specialists who have relevant knowledge, skills and experience in their fields and also have general skills in IT, languages, curriculum development, etc. The key areas of the coordinator work include:

  • Programing and robotics (3 potential staff positions including a Robotics Specialist, an IT educator and a Web/Graphic Designer)
  • Arts (2 potential staff positions including a professional in teaching arts through high tech and an art historian)
  • Dance (2 potential staff positions including a traditional and contemporary dance instructor and a yoga/therapeutic specialist)
  • Music (2 potential staff positions including a professional music educator and a technical specialist in music recording and editing)
  • Library (2 potential staff positions for a librarian and an assistant)
  • 1 potential staff position for a nurse with educational skills and experience in the relevant field
  • A professional chess instructor

SC Coaches and Facilitators

The latter are responsible for directing, supervising and monitoring assigned children including their individual program and tracking their progress.

  • Four such potential positions are available with each of the coaches/facilitators supporting 2-3 programs

IT Team

The team is responsible for IT support, including hardware and software that ensure running of SMART Center operation and programs.

  • Two potential positions are available for 2 IT Specialists /Server Maintenance and Technical Operations Control/ to work under the supervision of the Technical Lead.

Application Process

  • All interested candidates should submit their CVs including all professional trainings and courses they have passed, as well as a letter of interest. The letter of interest will help You to explain why and how your candidacy fits the requirements mentioned in the announcement. You can also highlight the qualities and experience You value and other details You find relevant to convince us in your being a perfect fit for the respective position.
  • All CVs and cover letters should be sent to with “COAFSMART_the applied position name” in the subject line. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further selection process.

The deadline for submitting the applications is November 15, 2017.

The below information about the Position Requirements and COAFSMART Center will help you in preparing a relevant application profile. 

Professional qualifications and requirements

COAFSMART aims to bring the best practices existing in the field of non-formal education to its students and beneficiaries therefore it seeks team members with relevant education and work experience in the fields of interest who also adhere to below defined COAF Values and Professional Requirements.

Believe in:

  • Children and teenagers are not only learners, but they may act as educators for their peers and facilitators of the educational process as well excellent team workers and partners
  • Everyone deserves respect and children are not an exclusion
  • Rural Armenia has an outstanding potential for being a prosperous and auspicious place for individual and professional development.

Are able to:

  • Design and deliver educational content, trainings, master classes
  • Use interactive, experimental, innovative, inquiry-based, project-based teaching and learning methods
  • Use Hi-tech equipment and be computer literate, identify development trends, market needs, best solutions and offers
  • Ensure a safe, creative and imagination boosting working and learning atmosphere
  • Think out of box, Inspire, lead and guide, challenge comfort zones including their own
  • Work in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams and build such teams of idea generators, creators, developers, implementers around their initiatives and projects.


  • Consider themselves a lifelong learner.


Important note: The combination of technology and English language skills will be considered as a competitive advantage for all positions together with other requirements.

If you think you are the sum of experience, academic knowledge and personality to match these job opportunities, then we are looking for you.  DARE TO APPLY!

Location, Timelines, Working Hours and Work Environment

The COAF SMART Center is located in Debet, Lori and is currently in final stages of construction. The construction completion is expected in December 2017 and the center will start to operate in March 2018, while the formal opening will take place in May 2018.

Earliest employment start date is February 2018.

The working hours and days of the SMART Center may vary from general working standards in order to serve higher number of students, at the same time complying with the requirements of the Labor Code of RA.

Overview of SMART Center

SMART emphasizes learning spaces and zones that create a holistic setting for informal education in arts and technology, civics and environment. The fusion of architectural and educational concepts of the Center work together to shape a generation with an open mindset and a value system that is both global and local.

SMART strives to achieve equal and equitable opportunities for rural adults and youth, and establishes alternatives to standard academic learning and school programs

All programs in SMART are organically combined into an interactive and enriching curriculum that believes in the power of non-traditional forms of education, including project-based and action-based learning, life-long learning and others. The diversity of curriculum offerings, teaching methods and learning activities makes SMART’s programmatic palette accessible for all age groups. SMART-offered skills, competences and learning outcomes target all age categories from as young as 3-year-olds to elderly people.

The four pillars of the curriculum for Schoolchildren and Youth include Innovation and Creativity, Language and Communication, Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development, Active Citizenship and Personal Development.

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