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Martiros Sarian, “Panel Armenia” (fragment), 1964

If you want to learn Eastern Armenian* (as a foreign or native language) or to improve your communication skills for various purposes (е.g. education, business, traveling, volunteering etc.), the online practical course of Armenian, organized by EduLab learning center (Yerevan, Armenia), is for you. The lessons are via Skype, so you can take them comfortably at your home or office at a time of your choosing.

*Eastern Armenian is one of the two literary forms (the other is Western Armenian) of Modern Armenian language, spoken in the Republic of Armenia, as well as in many communities of the Armenian Diaspora.

The main teaching language of the course for the first level is English, and the students should at least have basic English knowledge. For the higher levels the knowledge of English is not mandatory.  

Before starting a course with EduLab the students (except the starters) take a free online test.

If  you study or work in Armenia, you can take the lessons directly in our center. The course is held in the heart of Yerevan (near the Republic square. Please, find the map here)

The course levels are:

  • Beginner (Level 1)
  • Elementary – Pre-Intermediate (Level 2)
  • Intermediate (Level 3)
  • Upper Intermediate (Level 4)
  • Pre-advanced – Advanced (Level 5)

Course teaching methods

The lessons are interactive with a high level of student involvement. During the lessons the students will be encouraged to work individually, in pairs and in small groups (up to 5-6 people).

Based on practical teaching methods and techniques, the course focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation of Armenian. At the end of each level of the course, the students will be able to use these skills both in real-life situations and for professional needs. The course will also give an insight into the country’s culture, traditions, history and Armenians’ everyday life as well.


A special attention is paid to conversations, which aim to help the students achieve fluency and good pronunciation in spoken Armenian. The lessons focus on discussions on media stories and topical issues and presentations. They are intended to help students enhance their conversational abilities in Armenian in an interesting and fun environment.

Course levels and teaching methods  cursor4

Level 1

The aim of the Beginner level is to teach you to:

  • Understand and use simple vocabulary, sentences, expressions, and basic phrases useful for everyday life in Armenia.
  • Introduce yourself, ask and answer questions about personal details and daily needs – such as where you live, family information, shopping, eating, the local area, entertainment and working.
  • Read and understand simple information and texts.
  • Be able to complete forms and write short texts related to personal information.

Level 2

The aim of the 2nd level is to teach you to:

  • Understand and communicate in familiar situations, using sentences.
  • Start to manage most situations related to living and travelling, to describe or express your opinion on topics of personal interest such as experiences, events, hopes and ambitions, and express opinions, reasons and plans.
  • Read and understand information on familiar topics.
  • Write simple formal letters and text on familiar matter.

Level 3

By this level you will be becoming more fluent and will be able to speak more spontaneously with Armenian-speaking people. This course progresses to using new and more challenging words and sentence structures.

The aim of the Intermediate level is to teach you to:

  • Understand topical matters and explain your opinions and advantages and disadvantages of a situation.
  • Read and understand routine information and articles and the meaning of information in a familiar area.
  • Produce written work on a range of subjects.

Level 4

By the end of the level you should be able to:

  • Express your opinion and hold discussions with native speakers on a fairly wide variety of topics with a level of fluency and spontaneity that makes communication possible without strain.
  • Understand people speaking Armenian on radio and television, and understand the main points of complex pieces of writing.
  • Understand and write, clear and detailed text on a wide range of subjects, both concrete and abstract, including technical discussions in your field of specialisation, and express advantages and disadvantages of different points of view.

Level 5

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Speak with native speakers fluently, flexibly, spontaneously and confidently in social, academic, and business situations.
  • Read and understand the main points of complex pieces of academic writing
  • Understand, and write, clear formal academic text on a wide range of subjects, both concrete and abstract, including technical discussions in your field of specialisation.
  • Understand, read and write, well-structured text on complex subjects, both concrete and abstract, and show recognition of implicit meanings. Take notes and write formatted and logical text for professional purposes.
What will you gain from attending the course?  cursor4

Level length

Lesson regularity and length


Group classes

4 months 4,5 hours per week | 3 days per week for 1.5 hours or 2 days per week for 2 h. 15 mins) 40,000 AMD for one month

Individual classes

4 months 3 hours per week | two days per week for 1.5 hours) 40,000 AMD for one month

For participation please register using the online form below or call  +374 77 67 57 67.


For questions, please email us:

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