The 2017-2019 Application to the Italian Association “Rondine Cittadella della Pace” is now open for Armenians.


For 20 years Rondine, in Italy, works for the peace, proposing an original training program for young people coming from different cultures or from Countries in conflict areas. The program teaches them to understand their own conflict and accept to live with their own enemy.

During a two-year experience, participants deconstruct the idea of the enemy and work actively to develop projects with social, political and economic impact contributing to a peaceful development in their own Countries and in the world.

To achieve these results, students receive high quality training on topics connected to conflict management, improve their communication skills and learn about the necessary methodologies to create concrete opportunities.

In addition to this specific training, students develop a professional and academic, personalized curriculum by attending a university master degree or a high specialization vocational training.

Applicant must be aged 21-27, holder of a Bachelor’s degree, active in civil society and willing to spend two years of his life working on different topics related to the peace-building and conflict resolution through attendance at different training and seminars all while working on his/her master degree (or some other higher form of specialization).

You can find a more detailed description of the Programme in the Application package and օռ on Rondine website:

Those interested in the Programme must send the Application and the required documents (find the full list in the Application) strictly before February 26, 2017 to the following email addresses: or

For all the additional information related to the call, you can contact at

Armenian applicants ONLY can also write to Sevak Harutyunyan at for additional information and questions.

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