Lecture-Film Screening | Following the blue tiles path: A magical journey from kütahya to Jerusalem



Dr. Nirit Shalev Khalifa
Yad Ben Zvi institution, Jerusalem
Department of the Arts Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Komitas Museum-Institute has invited from Jerusalem the Art Historian Nirit Shalef Khalifa on November 5 at 5 pm. Her lecture will be devoted to the Armenian ceramic art of Jerusalem. Free entrance.

The Armenian ceramics of Jerusalem were long an integral part of the Jerusalem landscape and one of the most distinguished symbols of the holy city. Its aesthetic norms were highly appreciated by all the inhabitants: Christian, Moslem and Jews. The story of this marvelous and colorful art is the story of the Armenian community in the holy city and the story of the Armenian people in the early 20th century.

The lecture will present historical circumstances will present the artistic influences and unfamiliar works in Jerusalem and England. The lecture will end with the screening of the documentary film “A Glimpse of Paradise” devoted to the creation of the monumental artwork by Marie Balian in the city center of Jerusalem.

Film: A Glimpse of paradise, The Armenian ceramics of Jerusalem
Director: Yael Katzir
2006, with english subtitles, 25 minutes

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